I’m so glad you found me!

My name is Tamara (like “see ya, tomorra”) and I am the publisher, content creator, actor and Mama behind these pages.

Lights,Camera,Family! was born at the urging of friends who were fascinated by the  modern blended family life we lead. What started off as a a place to write down personal thoughts has turned into just a bit more!

Here on the blog, I’ll share favorite goodies, local Raleigh and Triangle spotlights, the adventures and travels that bond us, and sometimes a few of the insights on parenting, stepparenting and co-parenting that I gain along the way.

You could say I’ll share a little “blend” of everything-because we all lead a “blended life” in one way or another. 😉

My actor husband and I have four children together and with 6 people in the house, every day seems to be an adventure in cooperation, carpooling, and lots of unpaired socks. I like to say we lead a life full of drama, chaos and lots of love. I hope you can always find a little of each on these pages as well.


ME: my husband calls me Tea, because well….tea might be my 10 cup a day addiction. I’m the control panel in our household and hear the words “Mama? Mama!” a zillion times a day. My husband says I have the patience of a saint. I love the theatre and feel most at home in a dark one.

THE HUBBY-my amazingly talented actor, writer, director, coach husband. Besides being crazy talented at his day job, he’s also the toilet unclogger, bug “rescuer”, picker upper of all things heavy and reacher-upper of all things high. I couldn’t do life without him. He’s the best scene partner ever.

BIG C– the 16 year old, high achieving honor student who is an aspiring filmmaker and lets us star in all his short films. You can find him being a goofball on YouTube.

LUCKY LU– the crazy-smart, artistic, activist creative spirit who loves all things nature and the person I’d like to grow up to be.

BELLY– my dramatic bonus daughter who is a master at impressions, tall tales and lives to be the center of attention.

VEEZY– at 8, she’s the baby of the family and lover of all things musical. She keeps us endlessly entertained with her humor, wit, singing and dancing.

ZOLLIE– our adopted Cavachon is the bestest, smartest, most loving-est rescue dog ever and is the only one in the house with no drama. You can follow him on Instagram @zolliesfollies.



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Thanks so much for checking out Lights, Camera, Family! Grab a cup of tea, subscribe and enjoy the blog!